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Due to the risk of transmission and current requirements for physical distancing, I am only providing phone and video sessions at this time. All payments will need to be made through e-transfer or other online methods. Please discuss this with me if we don't already have this set up.

Nicole Jenkins RPC, MPCC
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“She has a great natural talent and combines this with her learning to supply excellent service to her clients. I have recommended her as a counsellor in the past and will continue to do so." Dr. Avraham Cohen, PhD, RCC, Educator, Author, and Counsellor;  awarded the 2007-2008 BC Association of Clinical Counsellor's President's Award for Contributions to the Discipline of Counselling

I believe that each person has the ability to improve their life; to become closer to who they want to be. No problem is too difficult to face with the right kind of support. Many people are suffering on their own or feeling stuck in patterns that keep them from having the life they want. Counselling can change this.


With over 25 years of experience, I can offer you a no-nonsense, honest, supportive relationship where we work together to solve your problems.

My interests include, but are not limited to: Family of Origin work, Parenting, Post-traumatic symptoms (complex historical trauma), relationship issues, jealousy, and anxiety. 

“I wanted a therapist who would challenge me to go further than the place I was able to go on my own. You push me to think about the difficult issues, yet you do so in a manner that respects my own pace. You explain things clearly, using your own experience and very concrete examples as tools for me to relate to. You make me feel 'normal' those times when I consider my emotions to be bizarre or unhealthy."
“Nicole is one of the best counsellors I've ever had in my life. "
“Even though at times I wondered at her suggestions, if I dared to check them out, it was always leaps and bounds in a supportive direction for me... especially to find, retain, and begin to learn to use my own personal power... it is such a relief that someone knows her stuff enough to give me the confidence to be able to relax, learn, and understand from my life lessons."
“She is wise in the art of parenting, she has insights and common sense that elude most parents, even during times of crisis and stress... she can dissect a power struggle and see the win-win outcome almost every time... I trust and value her creative suggestions and ideas." 
About Me

Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked as an individual and couples counsellor in a variety of settings. I've also been a group facilitator, an Advocate and Support Worker, and a Children Who Witness Abuse counsellor. I’ve worked both in private practice and for various employers, including the YWCA and North Shore Crisis Services.


I have specific training in Process Directed Counselling, Metaskills Development Counselling, and Children Who Witness Abuse Counselling. I’ve attended additional training seminars in areas such as: Assertive Communication, Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Counselling for Women, Understanding the Neurobiology of Trauma, among many others. I currently work in private practice in Burnaby, BC. Since I provide video and phone counselling, I also regularly work with clients from other locations. 

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor and Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association: CPCA membership #3902.



604 880 7994


Video and Phone counselling only

Some evening availability

Counselling Rates 


$ 85-125 CAD / individual session

$125 CAD / couples session

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